Event Schedule

Territorial Events for the 2018/2019 Season:
  • For all territorial events and races, please visit the combined Cross Country Yukon (CCY) and Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club (WCCSC) Event Calendar
 Date         Event Type & location
(location is Whitehorse unless otherwise noted)
 Nov 10   All Squad Celebration of Snow  Fun activities on skis
 Nov 11   Tech clinics for Green and Blue Squad
 Nov 17 NCCP Community Coaching Workshop n/a
 Nov 18    First Aid course n/a
 Dec 1 (or Dec 8) Don Sumanik GMLC Race #1     varied distances
 Dec 2 (or Dec 9)   Don Sumanik GMLC Race #2 varied distances
 Dec 18     CCY Christmas Party     n/a
 Jan 12 (or Jan 19) Yukon Championships GMLC Race #3     varied distances
 Jan 22     Tim Hortons Race #2 format TBD
 Feb 9     Marsh Lake GMLC Race #4 - Marsh Lake  varied distances
 Feb 16     Mt. Lorne GMLC Race #5 - Mt. Lorne  varied distances 
 March 9 Tim Horton Race #3 format TBD
 March 23     Buckwheat Ski Classic - Log Cabin varied distances, 50km and less
 April 2 Tim Horton Race #4  format TBD        
 April 2     CCY Volunteer and Sponsor Celebration 

National and International Events:
  • For all National and International events sanctioned by Cross Country Canada (CCC), please visit the the CCC website events page.